Business Mastermind Groups

Would you like to spend time with like-minded business professionals who will support your dreams, raise your standards and believe in your ability to make the impossible, possible?

A Business Mastermind group is an instant and valuable support network comprising individuals who understand what it’s like to run a small business. Members will act as a sounding board, giving you honest feedback, advice and the chance to brainstorm. Being held accountable ensures you achieve real progress in both your business and personal life.

The benefits of a Business Mastermind Group are:

Sparks - Great ideas happen in groups.
Sometimes your brain gets stuck going around the same problem over and over again, you just end up with the same answers. But with multiple people all looking at your challenge with fresh eyes, the chances of sparking off some new approaches are much higher.

Support - Knowing that someone understands makes all the difference. 
Sometimes encouragement and support from people who understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish can make all the difference in the world! Starting and maintaining a successful business can be a lonely thing at times, but with a group there to support you on your journey, even the tough times can feel a little easier to manage. 

Sharing - An outside perspective is always valuable. 
It’s easy to get too close to your business when you work in it every day. Sharing and hearing other perspectives on your everyday challenges will help you approach it with fresh eyes. 

Stick-to-it - Someone to keep you accountable. 
We all start the year or the quarter with the best of intentions, but life happens and things always get busy; it’s so easy to make excuses about why progress doesn’t get made. But if you have a group of people holding you accountable, the odds of you completing your goals are unimaginably higher! 

Socialisation - Because we all need to get out of the office and out of our own mind sometimes! 
Whether you work from home or in an office, sticking around the same places can become stale at times, getting out and socialising in a ‘guilt-free’ business-related fashion is great for refreshing the mind and reconnecting you to the world outside your business.

We run two types of Business Mastermind Groups:

Starting out?

Operating a small business with few or no staff is a unique kind of difficult. You end up feeling like the ‘go-to’ person for absolutely everything!

In this Business Mastermind group, we will tailor our discussions, advice and exercises to your specific needs and challenges.

Scaling Up?

You have made it past start-up phase and you have more than five staff members. The game is different now; managing resources takes on a whole new meaning and continuing to grow at the rate you did before, is often a struggle. 

In this Business Mastermind Group, we will focus on the specific struggles, ambitions, and challenges that are relevant to a business your size.