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The Togetherness Co Journey

When I made the decision to rebrand at the start of this year, I never realised it was going to be the start of some amazing friendships.

I couldn’t have done this without the help of Courtney Haines (! She has been an absolute superstar in getting me to understand what my brand is and why it is, what it is! Courtney’s way with words is second to none, and makes copywriting seem so easy, but it definitely isn’t! She is very well connected in the Waikato business community and introduced me to three incredible women who brought my brand to life.

Penny Thompson ( designed our amazing logo. Not being very creative myself, she made the whole process seamless.

Juliette Drysdale ( was extremely easy to work with and captured the very essence of the brand that we were trying to portray.

Kelly Boxell ( created our website and I love it! She immediately grasped what I was trying to communicate and created the exact feel I wanted. Not to mention the fun we had in working together.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ladies; you have done an incredible job.

Helen Laidlaw | Business Advisor Waikato