Need more clarity, more money, more time?

I'll work alongside you, the business owner, to provide a fresh perspective, eliminate pain points, and create opportunities to grow your business profitably.

Kiwi business owners are amongst the hardest working in the world.

We start businesses because we are great at what we do. We have a 'can do' attitude, love to help others and take immense pride in our work. And it's all great, until we realise that, owning our own business isn't as easy or as profitable as we thought it would be. Whilst we work really hard, we are earning less than we could if we were an employee. We wear so many 'hats' that we're losing touch with everything and everyone. We are no longer proactive, but very reactive. We are wasting time and money trying to figure it out on our own, and suddenly it starts getting overwhelming, lonely and at times quite daunting. There must be a better way. 

As an expert in creating, and growing, profitable businesses, I can help you. I will save you time and money by identifying, and fixing, all areas of profit leakage within your business. I will help you identify inefficient systems and processes and implement a solution. I will be the extra pair of eyes and ears that helps you seize opportunities and avoid mistakes. I will help you gain clarity, and hold you accountable for the future growth of your business. I say what I mean and do what I say. I will walk with you, challenge you and always have your back. 

Doing business can get radically easier and more profitable with the right support and strategies in place. When we work together, you will gain back control and achieve success.  

How I'll work with you

Get a free no obligation meeting at Togetherness Co. Business mentoring, consultant and advisor. Hamilton, Waikato.

I'll listen

I need to know as much about your business as possible, to find out what you need, and whether I am the right fit for you. A, free no obligation, meeting will allow me to do that. Book your meeting today by calling me (Helen) on 021548082
We'll make a plan for your business at Togetherness Co. Business mentoring, consulting and advisory services. Hamilton, Waikato.

We'll make a plan

Together, we will determine what it is you actually want out of life, both personally and in business. We will create a plan that is focused on resolving current issues  and identifying key opportunities so that your business can move forward, toward reaching its goals.

We'll work with you at Togetherness Co. Business consulting, mentoring, advisory services. Hamilton, Waikato. New Zealand

I'll work with you

Implementation of the plan, for which you will be held accountable, is the key to ensuring that your business is healthy and able to achieve profitable growth. I will work alongside you to lead your business through this next phase. 

What you can expect

  • I'll help you find clarity, break through any barriers and change for the better.
  • I'll help you align your business objectives with your personal ones.
  • I'll hold you accountable, ensuring that you achieve your goals in a timely manner.
  • I'll challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and take the appropriate risks in your business.
  • I'll show you what makes profit and what leaks profit, and how to fix it.
  • I'll help you understand your numbers and your cashflow so that you can sleep well at night.
  • I'll help you implement simpler systems and processes that will save you time and money.
  • I'll help you feel better about your business.
  • I'll help you take the time out to enjoy the other parts of your life.
  • I'm the expert, the support and the help you need at every stage. 
  • Together, we will create and grow a profitable business.

"Togetherness Co have helped me to build a business that is profitable and structured. Measures are now in place that allow planning and forecasting so that we can be proactive to changing market conditions. 

The monthly reporting and objective review allows for timely monitoring and reality checking! I have no hesitation in recommending Togetherness Co for business advice and strategic planning"

Paul Ingram, Lee Bros Joinery, Rotorua

"I love supporting children, teens and families with the services I provide through my business. This is my strength and passion. I had found though, that the ongoing demands of running and growing a business had left me time-poor for pursuing these passions.

Then I met Helen! Helen worked closely with me and my business, assessing, analysing and advising. It has been a great and fun journey together. I would highly recommend Helen to other business owners"

Jenny Bell, Jenny Bell Oranga, Hamilton

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